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[JS SIMS 4] Party Dress Set

[JS SIMS 3&4] High Waist Suspender Skirt

[JS SIMS 4] Crochet Lace Sleeveless Swing Dress & Simple ops With T-shirt & Pintuck Sleeveless

[JS SIMS 4] Stripe Laverde Dress & Long Pure Dress

[JS SIMS 4] Cream Sailor Dress

[JS SIMS 4] Cleavage Detail Overlay

You'll need it if you want your sims haverealistic big boobs, I made it as "crease mouth" You can find them in SkinDetial and it's can be use with any other skin or EA base skin, enjoy :) (this post's model is use with EA base skin)

Female - Teen to Elder / 3 type package format available custom thumbnails included.

[JS SIMS 4] Denim Corset Dress

[JS SIMS 4] Eyelet High Waisted Skinny Jeans

[JS SIMS 3&4] Denim Ripped Jeans N4 - N6

[JS SIMS 4] Sexy Crop Top Set